Privacy Policy

Personally identifiable information – This refers to any sort of information that can be used to contact, identify or locate the person or company to whom the information pertains which may include but is not limited to the address, name, phone number, email address, fax number, social security number, financial profiles, and credit card information. This does not include information which is collected anonymously without disclosing identity of the individual or the company or any demographic information which is not connected to the identified individual.

What is the personally identifiable information which is collected on

We at collect basic profile information from users and companies that visit our website. We also collect some additional information such as name, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers of authorized customers, nature and size of their business, and also the size of their advertising inventory which the Authorised Customer intends to sell or purchase.

How does our website use the Personally identifiable information?

Ultimate SEO Source uses this information to customize the website and to make proper service offerings and also to fulfill selling and buying requests on the site. We may email you about the research pertaining to selling and purchasing opportunities on the website or information of our website. We may also use this information to contact authorized customers and visitors in reply to specific queries or to provide the requested information.

With whom the information might be shared?

Some of the aggregated information about the visitors or our authorized customers might be shared which includes demographics. We share such information with agencies that are affiliated with us and third-party vendors. We give the opportunity to our customers to “opt out” of getting communication by us or by any of the agency on our behalf.

How do we store the personally identifiable information on our website?

We store this information which is collected on our website in a secure way which is not accessible to any third parties or even our employees except for the use mentioned above.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies for several reasons. Cookies are used to obtain information about visitor preferences and the services which they are selecting. We also make use of cookies for security purposes of our Authorised customers. We make sure that we log out our authorized customers if we do not find activity on the website for around 10 minutes.

How does make use of the login information?

We make use of the login information which includes but is not limited to the IP addresses, browser types, and ISPs to analyze the trends, track a user’s movement and use, administer the site, and gather their demographic information.

Disclosure of information to comply as per the law –

We will disclose information about our customers and visitors in order to comply with subpoena or a court order or a request from one of the law enforcement agency if asked to release information. We may also release the information if we find it necessary, in case of need to protect the information of our visitors and customers.

What happens if we change the privacy policy?

We will inform about the privacy policy changes to our visitors and customers by posting the changes on our website. If our privacy policy changes cause disclosure of the personal information of any person which he has requested not to disclose previously. We will contact such a customer and information to ensure that such information is not disclosed.

Our privacy policy is a part of our terms and conditions and you must agree to it before signing up on our website.