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Win Up to 10 Years of Premium Hosting On WPX Hosting 10th Anniversary

Web hosting holds significant importance in making a website successful. If you are using top-quality hosting, your website’s performance will speak for itself. If not, I have an awesome offer for you; WPX is offering up to 10 years of premium hosting membership on its 10th anniversary.

WPX Hosting is one of the most reputable hosting providers in the market. It offers WordPress and WooCommerce hosting specifically. Each of its services has up to 4 pricing plans that are accompanied by valuable resources and premium features.

I will discuss WPX hosting and its exclusive discount offers in this article. Read till the end to get your hands on a special coupon code for a 90% discount as well!

About WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting was created over 10 years ago to help provide powerful hosting for WordPress websites. The hosting provider has gained valuable experience in these long years. It is currently an award-winning provider of WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

WPX is known for its feature-rich and flexible pricing plans. Its plans include premium-quality SSD storage, unlimited site migrations, and access to priority customer support. Similarly, the WordPress hosting plans are optimized to perform best on the platform.

Without any discounts, the starting price for its WordPress hosting is $20 monthly. If you apply our exclusive coupons, you can save up to 50%. And don’t forget its 10th Anniversary Giveaway where you could grab up to 10 years of premium hosting for free.

Keep reading to learn more about all of this.

10th Anniversary Special

As WPX hosting completes 10 years of offering services to WordPress websites, it is celebrating this with all of its customers. Whether you are an existing customer or new to WPX, you can get an entry to its giveaway that ends on the 14th of February, 2024.

The giveaway consists of up to 100 awards that can be won by people like you. These awards include exclusive deals and offers such as an 80% discount on your purchase. The biggest reward is a 10-year FREE subscription for its premium hosting.

To get in on this discount offer, simply visit their official website. There, you will see a large giveaway screen on its homepage. Click on the “Get Deal” button and enter your email and other required information. Lastly, collect your discount offer from your email inbox!

Now that you have the coupon code, let me tell you about the pricing plans of WPX so you can choose the right plan for yourself!

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX provides two types of hosting plans, WordPress and WooCommerce. You can select from up to four pricing plans for each hosting. Now I will discuss the details of these pricing plans.

Bonus: Use the coupon code “50off” for a special 50% discount on all WPX hosting plans for a limited duration!

WordPress Hosting Plans

The WPX WordPress hosting plans are optimized to host WordPress websites. You get premium features such as malware removal, site migration, and improved security all for free with these plans. The following are the available WordPress hosting plans:

Business: The first WordPress hosting plan starts at $20 a month if you choose annual billing. This subscription gives you up to 2 months of access free. The storage included in this plan is 15 GB.

Professional: The second WPX hosting plan costs $41.83 a month. This plan comes with up to 15 websites, 30 GB storage, and 400 GB bandwdith. You also have access to other premium features of WPX hosting with this plan.

Elite: The WPX Elite plan includes hosting for up to 35 websites. You have to pay a monthly price of $83.25 for this pricing plan. The resources provided with this plan include 60 GB of storage and unlimited bandwdith.

Scale: Lastly, the Scale WPX hosting plan is created for those who require even higher resources. You can contact the support team to get a quote for your plan.

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

The WPX WooCommerce hosting plans are optimized for online businesses and stores. There are three pre-built plans and a custom pricing plan available for it. Here is an overview of all these plans:

Powerstore: The Powerstore pricing plan includes up to 1 website and 20 GB of premium SSD storage. You have to pay a monthly price of $29.17 to purchase this plan. It also comes with 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of RAM, and 300 GB of bandwidth.

Superstore: The Superstore WooCommerce plan has a monthly price of $62.50 which is paid annually. It includes access to up to 3 websites. You also get 50 GB of storage, 6 GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth with this pricing plan.

Hyperstore: Next, this pricing plan will cost you a flat $125 every month. You get the normal features of WPX hosting with this plan in addition to unlimited bandwidth. You can host a maximum of 5 websites with this plan and it comes with 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB storage.

Scale: The last plan is named Scale and it can be customised according to your specific requirements. Whatever resources you need for your website, you can tell those to the WPX hosting team. They will then tell you a quote for it and you can purchase as you see fit.

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Final Thoughts

WPX hosting is a well-reputed hosting provider that has been offering top-notch services for 10 years now. With its focus on WordPress hosting specifically, it helps these websites maintain a higher performance. The hosting provider also offers optimized hosting services for WooCommerce stores and websites.

Its feature-rich pricing plans include plentiful resources that cater to the requirements of all types of websites. With regular discounts and the current 10th Anniversary sale, customers can save up to 80% on its hosting plans. I have provided the details of how you can get up to 10 years of premium WPX hosting free during this sale event.

I hope you found valuable information in my latest article about WPX hosting and its exclusive discount offers in 2024!

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