How a Responsive Web Design Agency Helps Grow Your Business

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

If your business has a website, you’ve probably heard about how important responsive website design is in today’s digital landscape. But what exactly is responsive web design? This term refers to designs that respond to whatever device a visitor is using to browse the internet.

Because people use all types of devices – cell phones, tablets, and computers – having a website that can be viewed in the same capacity on each is crucial. That’s why so many digital marketing agencies now offer a responsive website design service.

What Does it Mean When a Site is Responsive?

Say someone first visits your site on their desktop computers. They check out your images, blog, and services without issues and are impressed with what you offer.

Later, they open your site again on their tablet but find that the images won’t load and the text is hard to read. They become frustrated and leave the site without contacting you, even though they were interested in your services in the first place. You just lost a customer because your site wasn’t responsive.

How Responsive Web Design Helps Grow Your Business

Your website is the biggest tool you have in finding new customers across the world and you want to make is easily accessible by everyone.

The more people that are able to visit your site, whether they’re using their mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet, the more chances you have to reach new customers. In addition, the people who come to your site find the following:

  • A better user experience with easy-to-understand graphics and text
  • Optimized images and videos for a clearer understanding of your business
  • Cleaner layouts that scale accurately to each device

This isn’t only for the consumer, though. You’ll have a better online experience with the following:

  • Improved SEO
  • More accurate analytical reporting
  • A more efficient website that requires less maintenance

Now you can see why so many business owners take advantage of the many services responsive web design agencies offer.

Responsive Web Design Services for a Better User Experience

When you take advantage of a responsive website design agency, you’re taking the first step to improving the user experience on your website.

No matter where visitors come from, they’ll be able to read your text easily and see your images clearly. This gives them a better understanding of the services you offer without having to zoom and scale to fit their device.

Optimized Images and Videos with Responsive Web Design

Website visitors like to look at images and watch videos regardless of what device they’re using. By optimizing your image and video content for all devices, it will be easy for visitors to see all of the content on your site clearly.

Cleaner Layouts

Using an agency’s responsive web design service also provides clean layouts that scale properly to every device. With the design, visitors won’t have to pinch their screen or zoom in and out to see all parts of the site, meaning that they can see the website in its entirety.

Improved SEO

Search engines rely on user experience when they determine which sites will show up first in the search rankings, and they pay attention to how a site works on mobile devices because more people use their mobile devices to conduct searches than desktops. After taking advantage of a responsive web design service, you can expect to see an increase in your search engine rankings.

More Accurate Reporting

Analytics tools are made for responsive designs, making it easier now to pull the most accurate data from your website. Get a better idea of your SEO rankings and the number of visitors to your site by enlisting the help of a responsive website design agency.

Less Website Maintenance

Responsive website design services allow you to better manage your site with two things:

  1. Changes you make are implemented on both mobile and desktop versions. When your website design is not responsive, you have to edit both versions of the site manually.
  2. Posting content and developing strategies is cohesive. Instead of worrying about creating different content types and plans for mobile and desktop,postings automatically adjust to fit each platform.

Grow Your Business with Responsive Website Design

Make sure your website is in the modern age with responsive website design services. Don’t lose out on new customers because your site doesn’t work on all devices. For more information on responsive design services, contact Split Reef. Split Reef’s teams have extensive experience developing responsive sites and will create a strategy that best fits your business.

Melissa Howard
Melissa Howard is a managing partner at Split Reef, a responsive website design agency that helps businesses create high performing, responsive websites.